Churchyard Management Plan



The regular maintenance of the churchyard is the responsibility of the PCC and is carried out in accordance with the policy set by the PCC within the legal framework set by the Diocesan Chancellor and the Local Council.  Any maintenance of the listed church tombs must be discussed with English Heritage and is subject to the requirements for a faculty and listed building consent. 

The maintenance of the churchyard must respect the balance of the various requirements and different activities. 

Boundary walls

The dry stone walls surrounding the churchyard are presumed to be in the ownership of the neighbouring houses.  Any maintenance requirement will be discussed with the relevant landowner.


The gravel paths are to be kept free of weeds and in good condition by the churchyard maintenance team.


The condition of the trees is to be kept under review and expert advice sought when required.  The area under the larger trees is designated for colonies of wild bulbs.


The grass is to be kept cut by the maintenance team with a degree of varied cutting heights around the boundaries.  The wild flower areas are to be left uncut during the season.


The condition of the graves is to be monitored and the area surrounding each plot kept neat and tidy wherever possible.  The placing of plastic flowers on graves is discouraged by the PCC.


The listed chest tombs are to be checked regularly to ensure that they are safe.  Expert assessments and conservation work to be considered at each Quinquennial.

Water Conservation

Water from the roof is to be collected in a suitable water butt.


Only compostable waste is to be placed in the area provided.  All other rubbish is to be removed.


West Littleton PCC

Last revision:    December 2008