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Fast broadband has been available for some time now in Marshfield and Tormarton - two villages only a couple of miles from West Littleton yet until recently, there was not even a scheduled roll out to West Littleton.


After much lobbying from village residents and with greatly appreciated help from Sue Hope - our South Gloucestershire councillor - West Littleton has not only now been scheduled for fast broadband but its installation started on 12th February 2018.


The first two days of fibre-optic cable installation and pole replacement where necessary took place in very cold but reasonably dry conditions, followed by cold and very wet conditions making life miserable for the installation teams. They are still working on schedule and have a smile on their faces for the webmaster's photo (see second pic!). They have willingly moved their vehicules when needed to allow residents to pass with their cars to get home. Thank you for your courtesy teams!

Work continued late into the evening on Friday 16th February - (see third pic) presumably to ensure that the schedule was maintained. Let us hope that the subsequent stages are pushed forward with equal enthusiasm!


There are many residents of West Littleton who are delighted with progress on this installation. The road closures necessary to allow installation of the poles and fibre broadband cables are certainly very inconvenient for West Littleton residents but we will all have road access from one end of the lane or the other throughout the process. Hopefully it will all be worth it!